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Working (together) more successfully

Employees and teams that make optimal use of their drives and talents are demonstrably more successful. The color theory of MyDrives, MyHabits and MyMatch ensures that organizations as a whole can continue to take steps through insight into unconscious and conscious drives and behavioral patterns. With the goal: the right person in the right place.

The MyDrives analysis is an online questionnaire that gives you insight into why you do the things you do in a way that is characteristic for you. What really makes you you? Insight into your personal drives and the factors that give you the creeps make sure that you get to know your own personality better, that you know what gives you energy and what makes you lose energy. You also learn to better understand others and the effect of their behavior on you. Because of this you can make the mutual cooperation run smoother and you will be better able to prevent stress. Preferred roles also come out of this analysis, the role in a team that is written for you. If your job matches your preferred roles, you are most likely to enjoy it and be successful.

Where MyDrives is focused on 'what do I want', MyHabits is focused on 'what do I show'. The MyHabits 360° questionnaire is based on the color theory of MyDrives and uses the preferred roles from the MyDrives analysis. When a person shows the behavior that fits his personal drives and preferred roles, he is most likely to get energy and end up in a flow.

When you have insight into your drives and the MyHabits 360° behavioral profile, you get a clear picture of the development potential. Personal behavior is not a static thing. Through new environments, successes and setbacks, you are able to develop new and different behavior. In particular, the colors that are not perceived by your environment in your behavior offer opportunities for growth and development. MyHabits is a coaching trajectory aimed at thinking differently, developing yourself on those elements that give you energy!

MyMatch uses 21 types of behavior, which are executed in specific colors. They chart the desired profile of a (future) employee clearly and objectively in order to achieve a perfect match. Objectively. So that there is no room for erroneous interpretations during the selection process. This process enables you, as an employer, to think specifically about which drives are necessary for the position, the team and the organization and whether these match the underlying drives of the selected person. This way you invest in your team as an employer!

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