Collaborate with:

Suzanne Notten

Vitality coach

Living a healthier, more conscious and more relaxed life is what I promote as a vitality coach. Work is a big part of your life. Vital people are also vital employees and make your company or organization vital. And that fits in perfectly with the vision and mission that Amplitia stands for. My strength is that I can get people moving, both literally and figuratively. My experiences as an advisor and manager in the business world help me in this, but also the positive energy I bring with me to enthuse people. My passion is everything that has to do with food.

Patricia Stoot

MfN registered mediator | Labor mediator

Good communication remains the basis for connection and a satisfied person: professionally and personally. As a mediator, I like to help restore dialogue by reconnecting. People who have a conflict with each other are in a communication crisis, with many negative consequences, both inside and outside the workplace. I am fascinated by what a message does to someone: what makes or breaks a connection? And more importantly, how do you repair a breach so that people hear, see and respect each other again?

With an all-round communication background and a passion for language, I believe in the power of the right words, honest emotion and a sincere relationship. 

Based on trust, good guidance and joint efforts, mediation usually enables reconnection with each other, finding solutions and making agreements. 

If you really listen to each other, you hear so much more.

Mieke Rijnbout

Occupational expert | Company physiotherapist

What's the key word in my work? Employability. Enabling employees to flourish in their work situation. Making sure they keep whistling whilst going to work and feel good. As an employer you can already do a lot with 'signals' from your employees: how are you doing? It is often so simple to increase the resilience of your people by talking to them and asking them questions. And act accordingly. And that is exactly what the Amplitia team does. That's why I love working with them!

As a company physiotherapist and occupational expert, I have been advising employers and employees on employability for more than 20 years. This combined background always turns out to fit the question perfectly. I like short lines of communication so that we can take good steps together.

Kim Hendriks

Psychomotorical therapist

Married to my travel enthusiast husband Chris and mother of a sweet, active girl Jolie. I like to travel a lot, love the burgundian life, enjoy good food and a drink, enjoy my family! It is not for nothing that my practice has been named 'La Vie Jolie'.

Connection is central in all areas of my life. Connection with family and relatives, connection with clients, connection with network partners, etc. But perhaps most important... the connection with myself (yourself).

As a psychomotorical therapist I am the one who makes the connections between the head and the body, in which I use movement and body oriented exercises to put the client in the feeling and in the experience.

Together we investigate non-working old patterns and experiment with new working patterns, where the value lies in the physical experience to anchor them in the body.

Celebrate life with passion and satisfaction!

Dyon Scheijen

Clinical Physicist Audiologist | ACT therapist | Artist

ART and ACT are both my own lifebuoys. They provide balance in my own glass. So what I try to give people, I apply myself with pleasure. And just by teaching others, I make myself even more aware of the values that I find so important: being inspiring, being a guide for others. With the ultimate value: living a valuable life.

"Do you want to live a valuable and vital life? Set course on the basis of your personal values? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help. Personal experiences and passionate interest in people led me to specialize as an ACT therapist.

For me, Amplitia equals "strengthening each other". Working together with all the professionals to achieve the best for the client. It is very important to guard your own boundaries and to keep your own course, based on values that matter to you. ACT can be a great guide.

Chantal van Kessel

Psychologist | Reintegration consultant

Living together and mother of a great daughter. Fascinated by human behaviour, the underlying motives and possibilities for sustainable behavioral change. 

I love traveling, cooking, walking and spending time with family and friends.

People describe me as down to earth, sincerely interested, involved and result-oriented. I find it important that people feel free to be themselves and to be open in a guidance program.

From an early age I have been interested in mental development and behavioral change. Hence my choice for the Master in Health Sciences. After my training I specialized in occupational psychology and career coaching.
Personal and professional development are of paramount importance to me. I complemented my studies with a course in Psychodiagnostics, Basic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, IEMT and Master Practitioner NLP.

My passion and focus lies in guidance aimed at strengthening well-being and promoting potential and work experience.

Through positive psychology to amplition.

Birgit Veskioja-Vrolijk

International Psychologist

I am Birgit Veskioja-Vrolijk, an English-speaking psychologist based in Maastricht. Since 2017 I work in my private psychology practice International Psychologist Veskioja. I help the international community in the Maastricht region with their psychological problems and offering them tailor-made therapy programs. I work with individuals, couples, and also with families. I am a registered psychologist in the Netherlands (NIP).

In 2012 I graduated from Tallinn University with a master's degree in psychology, specializing in counseling psychology. Further, I have completed a life coaching intensive course, basic training in cognitive behavioral therapy, and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). Now I use cognitive behavioral therapy, ACT, art therapy as well as mindfulness methods in my work.

Arno Wijsen

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer in the broadest sense of the word. Driven by a sporting spirit, I like to help people achieve their goals. These goals can vary from adopting a healthier lifestyle, a specific goal such as a competition or just letting people experience what they can do. In the cooperation with Amplitia I look at how to activate people and find the individual's match with the best suitable form of movement. Getting everyone to move in any way is the challenge that I like to work for.

Marion Geraeds

Doctor of Social and Health | ACT®or | ACT coach | Intervision coach

Enabling healthcare professionals to excel by taking personal leadership over life and work. Giving substance to work happiness and vitality. Taking control by being aware of all your talents, natural potential and pitfalls. That is my mission. Making self-aware choices in career and career, ensures a good work-life balance and contributes to health, vitality and resilience. Self-reflection bridges the gap to effective communication and establishing effective relationships with others. Personal leadership from self-awareness and self-reflection lays the foundation for connecting leadership in successful organizations.

Personal development and professional growth are important drivers in my life. As a doctor, coach and trainer I bring a lot of experience, with which I like to make the positive connection between health-work organisation from my background. I have been coaching, training and acting as a sparring partner for doctors and other healthcare professionals for many years now, among other things in the field of communication, cooperation and (medical) leadership. I like to be in contact with people and I like to talk to professionals and organisations. My approach is solution-oriented, sincere, involved, respectful and don't forget humour.

After my medical training at the University of Utrecht, I further specialised in public healthcare as a physician for Society and Health and later I gained extensive experience as a company physician and medical advisor. In search of a new fresh perspective on work and health, and further self-development, there was a new direction within medical specialist rehabilitation (occupational rehabilitation). Within the training of medical specialists, I provide supervision, coaching and training. Furthermore, as a teacher I am connected to the UM / FHML and as intervision coach within reflection education.

Paul Joosten

Career coach | Team coach | ACT®-or | interim HR

Happily married, proud father of 2 beautiful daughters, communicative and social person, responsible visionary. Loves the outdoors, gardening, walking, tennis and running. Enjoys socializing with friends, good food and drink and the occasional "Vastelaovend" music. Driven to make the life of the working man a little better every day.

Trust is the most important foundation for me. Learning to give and receive trust in a balanced way means personal growth on the one hand, but also has direct meaning within teams and organisations. And it does so at all levels: from managers to team members, from directors to employees.

When, after years of searching during various planned and unplanned career experiences, I learned to recognise the unconscious steering of my own actions and gained insight into the motives that drove my behaviour, I regained confidence and was able to take charge of my own goals. I noticed that development is not so much about change, but more about becoming who I am as much as possible.

After obtaining my degree in HBO Communications and HBO Strategic HRM, I've always continued to train and deepen my knowledge, including ACT®. I am also regularly coached myself.

My work in various HR positions in various organizations (ranging from large corporations, financial services, SMEs, agricultural sector, government, health care and education) has given me a broad view of organizational challenges in relation to the functioning of employees and teams.

The lessons I learn in my personal development, my work, my life and my studies, I share with much love and pleasure during the interventions and programs that I provide. What characterizes me is my receptivity and transparency in the contact, my depth and my positive outlook on the future. I am reliable and remain involved and committed until the job is done.

Dominique Knols

Communication Advisor | Content Manager Social Media

'Follow your heart'
It seems so obvious, but how difficult it can be to find out what really drives you, where your passion lies and why you do what you do. Trial and error, stumbling, and learning from each step. That's what shapes you into who you are. And how I have experienced that at first hand! To be able to experience it. Because it is a necessary process to know what your motives are and what makes you happy or not. Follow your heart' is my motto, and 'if you do something, do it well' is a good second. And that is exactly why I started doing freelance work next to my job as a communications advisor at the Open University. Because if there's one thing that gives you energy, it's the communication profession. And I think that completes the circle... I love working for Amplitia for a reason. Beautiful mission.

Claudia Stevens

Labor and organization social worker | Debt counselor

My view that every life has its challenges, they shape you. I try to see my "challenges" as opportunities to grow. I am committed, open, honest and pragmatic. Always with respect for each other, hence the name of my practice "In Respect".

From my expertise as a social worker, I counsel individual employees with psychosocial problems. My counseling can include information and advice, as well as research, mediation and consultation. I can be used for crisis intervention and for training employees.

Problems where my efforts can be helpful:

  • high workload;
  • psychological and/or physical stress symptoms;
  • brooding, lethargy, insomnia;
  • cooperation problems with colleagues or supervisors;
  • uncertainty and stress due to transfer or reorganization;
  • uncertainty about the job and one's own performance;
  • problems with personal effectiveness, communication or assertiveness;
  • reintegration after long-term sick leave;
  • private problems that affect work, such as relationship problems or debt problems.

From my experience in the rehabilitation care of clients with hearing problems (a.o. Tinnitus and hyperacusis) I offer this target group specialized coaching. Goals may include improving your energy balance, dealing with insecurity and feelings of insecurity, building self-confidence.

Animal Assisted Therapy: body and experiential coaching with the use of therapy dog Flory. Dogs are specialists in making contact, reading the other person, behavior modification and tuning communication. By working with a dog you literally and figuratively get moving, it makes you more creative and activates you. It also reduces stress and by producing the happy hormone serotonin it improves your mood and boosts your self-confidence. By working together you learn a lot about the influence of non-verbal communication and body language of yourself and the other. The coaching is experienced as low threshold because of the playfulness and humor in working with the dog.

Methodologies: ACT Therapy, Nature Coaching, Mindfulness, Rock and Water Training, Fear of Failure Reduction Training, Systemic Work, Yucel and Dog Assisted Coaching.

Mark Verhaegen

Mark Verhaegen


Smartbeat's mission is to make an optimal lifestyle for each individual, insightful, concrete and achievable. To achieve this mission, we combine physiological output (heart rhythm variability = HRV) with technological developments, data-driven applications and personal coaching.

In a world that is changing ever faster and where technological developments are taking place at lightning speed, the well-being and health of the individual is becoming an increasingly important item. Technological developments make it possible to monitor yourself in a simple way. Just as you measure a fever with a thermometer, we measure stress & recovery, sleep and physical exertion with a HRV meter. A very small device that you wear on your body for a few days.

Owner Mark is a burn-out experience expert after working too long in an environment where meaning, autonomy and mastery were underused. His sporty and healthy lifestyle helped him beat burnout.
As a Vitality and Sustainable Employability consultant, he has gained a lot of experience in the business world. The vision he developed around Vitality and DI is combined with technology and data in Smartbeat. 


Reina Hertzdahl

Voice, speech and breathing coach

Having been a vocal pedagogue for nearly 30 years, I have specialized in coaching people who literally, as well as figuratively, have difficulty letting their voices be heard. This can make them feel like they are not being heard or seen.

It is so essential that a voice can reflect and express one's thoughts and real feelings without suffering from a lump in the throat, hoarseness, sticky breathing or intense emotions. Why can one person be assertive in beautiful enviable sentences and another fail to do so? Understanding those dynamics often proves helpful.

In a safe, casual and confidential atmosphere, we will work towards a more conscious, better and personal use of voice using practical breathing and voice exercises, as well as coaching conversations. In many cases this will contribute to good communication, better career opportunities and self-development.