Sustainable success starts with job satisfaction

Organizations or entrepreneurs who dare to bet on job satisfaction, not only get the best out of their employees but also out of themselves. In fact, research from all kinds of highly reputable institutes shows that every euro invested is earned back 3 to 6 times. Not to mention the enormous social impact.

Amplitia comes from the Latin amplio and literally means to magnify, multiply, improve. And this is how we approach happiness at work. For the individual, for the team and for the organisation as a whole. For us, employee happiness is also linked to the phenomena of 'positive psychology', 'positive health' and 'sustainable employability'. Everyone has unique qualities and strengths. It's all about identifying them and making use of them.

That's the key to more job satisfaction. And more job satisfaction leads to better value for the customer and higher profits for the organization.

We are experienced in curation and prevention, but we strive to make ourselves superfluous by approaching all interventions from the amplition perspective.

'Know how to encourage people to stay close to their personalities'
Marc Stijfs - Director Avance | Founder MyDrives MyHabits MyMatch
'Dedicated, highly skilled and approachable professionals'
Wil Vink - Talent & Development Manager Europe Fuji Film
'Decisive, result-oriented and authentic combined with a pleasant personality'
Jeroen Hosman - Senior Manager KPMG People
'Working with heart and soul and a lot of passion for their profession'
Tiny Abratanski - Chief Administrative Officer & HR Manager Plalloy
'Understand group dynamics very quickly'
Frank van der Heijden - Director Cabinet Adviseurs
Clear insight and perspective on next steps'.
Joris Goossens - R&D Project Manager | Ardagh Glass

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