Labor and Organizational psychologist in heart and soul, health scientist, strongly focused on servant leadership and innovative analyst. Likes to cook, is always looking for special wines, enjoys life, her family, friends, cats, reading and complex puzzles. Married to Marnix and mother of 2 beautiful daughters. Yellow and orange are the dominant drive colors.

My personal mission is to give people handles that make them feel good about themselves. As the daughter of an occupational expert, my interest in people's behavior in relation to work, team and organizations arose. The choice to study Health Sciences was very logical for me: I learned more about human behaviour in relation to biology, (epi)genetics and the context in which a person finds himself. I then went to work in a large rehabilitation centre, where I did research into work load and (work) capacity. Coaching employees with work-related stress complaints and complex issues at the intersection of work and health give me energy.

The feeling that you're on the right track, that you've found the one piece that interests you, has led me, next to my job, to start again with a study Labor and Organizational Psychology. I developed a special interest in corporate anthropology (cultural aspects in an organization), team functioning and personal leadership. In mid-2018 I also completed the course Effective Leadership at the University of Groningen. With this theoretical foundation - but especially with the practical experiences of everything that goes well (and not so well...) - I can offer tools for development. In these special times, in which the retention of employees and therefore knowledge and know-how is essential for the continued existence of organizations, that is essential'.

The secret of leadership is simple: follow your heart!


Social scientist and result-oriented visionary. Married to Erik and mother of 2 energetic boys. Loves traveling, her labrador, cooking and enjoys yoga and socializing in combination with Daniëlle's special wine discoveries. In her drives pretty green and yellow.

"Human Being Management has actually always lived in me. Through a few detours, after graduating in Business Administration, I continued to specialize in Strategic HRM. When I had held various positions and roles in international business for years, things started to tickle and I became restless. I wanted more. More depth. Every year I followed a training course, eager to learn and driven as I am. My own burn-out then led me to really know what I want and what energizes me.

My passion for people, cultures and organizations is my inner drive to work together and to pursue a people-oriented culture in organizations. In my opinion, win-win situations can only arise when talents are optimally and sustainably developed and deployed. In this way everyone's individual strengths form the perfect match and the organization can flourish. It is an oil slick that is growing. I very much want to be the inspirational factor in all of this and breathe out amplition in everything I do."

Connection, that's what it's all about!


Inspiring and empathetic strategist, innovative at the organizational level. Cook-freak and for 10 years wine importer of the most beautiful treasures of the promised land (Italy). La dolce vita! Married in Italy to Janou and proud father of son Pieter and daughter Laura. Runs to clear his head and think about questions. Playing the piano and scuba diving are the other hobbies. Pretty orange, yellow with a good dose of green.

I like to help people and organizations that want to continue to develop in the light of the changing spirit of the times and attach importance to coherence, integrity and impact. I do this from a meta perspective from which you can set course towards a sustainable future. For yourself, your employees, your customers, your shareholders and the world as a whole. It is my mission to make organizations more coherent'.

Transformation and transition issues give me energy, I take care of movement, dynamics and the right course. Started with a Bachelor in Hospitality Management for a healthy basis servant leadership. Later on developed as a strategist and steward during an international MBA. And after having been entrepreneur in electric cars, a little too far ahead of the music, I deepened my knowledge of transition management as a fresh-minded & cross-thinking person. The last couple of years I have been focusing on the mental legacy of coherence. In the full conviction that organizational development issues should be approached holistically for truly sustainable results. For me this is threefold: happiness at work, truly distinctive customer value and also the right honestly earned profit.

Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it!


Enthusiastic organiser and likes to bring structure with positive attention to others. Married to Darren and mother of daughter Stella. Karateka and Marie Kondo fan. In love with Maastricht and Amsterdam. Enjoy sailing and supping through the Amsterdam canals and running in South Limburg.  

Trained as a speech therapist, she then gained work experience in various sectors and positions. It is the dynamics and the great variety of contacts as a pivot in an organisation that bring her happiness at work. This resulted in the versatile role of Office Manager. My work is successful when all the pieces of the puzzle have been found and then fall into place and connect. Not for nothing are her motives quite green, blue with a touch of red. In her spare time, as a member of the PR team, she is involved in the association Veldeke Krink Mestreech, which enthuses people to start and continue speaking and writing Maastricht dialect.

Convinced that coincidence does not exist, which is why there are always surprising adventures on her path. Naturally curious and genuinely interested in everything and everyone, which reflects the diversity of her circle of friends and network. Every day she is amazed by her child's way of thinking. This gives her inspiration to apply daily in her work at Amplitia.

Attention is the key word!


Neuropsychologist by background, but now above all a calm, objective, people-oriented and empathic all-round gz-psychologist. She is married to a very enterprising man and is also the mother of an energetic, cheerful and just as enterprising daughter. The three of them love to go out and often end up on a terrace. She likes hiking, preferably in the Austrian mountains, where she prefers to ski in winter. She is also in love with Budapest. 

"In health care, attention is often only paid to the symptoms and what is not going well. By getting a picture of the person in his or her entire context, you can see why someone has become stuck, but also what is needed to help someone get back on track. I do this in an open and transparent way. I am not an all-knowing psychologist, but stand beside the person and help to discover certain limiting patterns and to break through these. I like to create a safe setting where the difficult aspects of life can be discussed and emotions are allowed to be there. During the conversations I use different psychological interventions that are tailored to the person and the question. Step by step, gaining new experiences that make someone feel strengthened to go further in life and make the choices that are valuable to him or her."
BIG-number: 29915269825

Thoughts are not facts


Social psychologist, ACT coach, specialised in neurodiversity. To keep her own balance, she relaxes by doing yoga and moving around in nature, and likes to play on stage. She has four powerful and sensitive (young) men in her life: Chris and their three sons. They always keep her on her toes and their authenticity and cheerfulness are contagious. Her environmental sensitivity and experiences make her easy to talk to and accessible to a variety of people. Her colours are red and green.

In the various roles I have had, my greatest motivation has always been to activate and motivate people towards autonomy and mental well-being. My career started as a social pedagogical worker. I have worked with various people in vulnerable positions. My need to understand human motives and the language they use in this process led me to study social psychology at the University of Amsterdam. This is also where I got my teaching qualification, with which I started working at the Hogeschool Pedagogiek. As a teacher and trainer, I was able to guide young professionals in their professional development to become powerful pedagogues. In the role of training actor, I let people experience the impact of their (non verbal) communication and how they can use it to achieve their goals.

Because I saw more and more that stress, burn-out and bore-out were getting in the way of people's happiness at work, I started to investigate individual coaching in which the development of resilience is central. With a toolbox of exercises and interventions, I guide people in recognising their strengths and using them for sustainable happiness at work. As a coach, I can use humour and lightness to create a safe atmosphere where discomfort and vulnerability are allowed to be. In this way, we can get to where the problem is and from there move on towards autonomy and growth. The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is clearly visible in my thinking, acting and communication. Finally, I can use the holistic technique of Mind Eye Power to guide clients in releasing blockages.

In vulnerability lies strength!


Psychologist, with depth in neuropsychology and holistic practices. He loves traveling, discovering new cultures and delicious food from around the world. He likes to be pushed to be the best he can be. To maintain balance and get back to his core, he likes to practice yoga and meditation or enjoy a good glass of wine from time to time.

"In my work as a psychologist, I work from a holistic perspective. In this I find it very valuable to make connections. Both connection in our own inner world (physical, emotional and psychological well-being), as well as connection to the outer world (such as, for example, family, friends and work). Work is one of the central aspects in our lives and can be part of our identity. The moment an imbalance arises in this aspect of our lives, it has repercussions on all the other components. This can cause a negative interaction, resulting in possible physical, emotional and/or psychological complaints. Because everything is connected, from a holistic perspective it is not important from which angle you work on these complaints. In this you may take the lead. As a psychologist I would like to work with you to move towards a good balance in the various aspects of your life. In this way I also hope to be able to contribute to the alleviation or even resolution of the complaints that have arisen."

You're going to do it yourself, but you don't have to do it alone!


Organizer, spider in the web. Is satisfied when she can make others happy.

Lives with Philippe and dachshund Frits, loves walks in nature and, as a true Burgundian, is passionate about good food and drink. Besides all that cooking and eating out, she does Bodypump.
After finishing her education Tourism, she followed the direction of Management Assistant / Executive Secretary via Schoevers. She gained work experience in various branches within beautiful companies in Limburg as well as abroad (Arnhem and Amstelveen). 

Connecting with people is number one in my (working) life. I love to keep several balls in the air and see it as a challenge to keep everything running smoothly.
Getting the best result together with an eye for each other and respect, that's what I like to work on.
By working at Amplitia I contribute to a more beautiful world by letting people experience happiness at work (again).

Happiness is enjoying what is

Mission, Vision and Core Values


Our mission is to create sustainable organisations by letting them experience how powerful working from amplition, from individual happiness at work, is.


It's unique to live now, in a change of era. In which a new societal order arises, the economy is completely turned upside down and there is also a change of power. In this changing, uncertain, complex and unpredictable world, companies have a greater chance of surviving (sustainably) if they develop a change strategy. Given the disruptive nature of all current and upcoming changes, we can state that companies need to permanently adapt to disruptive change. This requires a continuous change strategy (transition strategy), from a new orientation, focused on new customers and much more sustainable revenue models.

In that force field, we want to help entrepreneurs and companies make the right choices, aimed at more well-being instead of just prosperity, so that they can participate in the continuous changes in a sustainable and dignified manner. We want to help to focus on happiness at work, because that is where the key to success lies.

Companies are important in people's lives, not only for what they produce, but especially as a social construct and as an employer (source of income). A company is more than the sum of the individuals who work there, but they are the DNA of the company. Our goal is to get companies to focus more on happiness at work, because we believe that happy employees automatically provide happy customers and therefore happy shareholders.

In other words from happiness at work to value to profit.

Core values


The human being is always central to us. Every human being is unique, with distinctive characteristics and qualities. We believe that when a person is able to use and develop his unique talents, he performs optimally, pays-off and is happy.


Efforts must lead to truly sustainable results. For the individual, the team or the organization. We want our interventions and efforts to pay for themselves. In happiness at work, in increased value for customers and in more profit for the organization.


"What you see is what you get. Transparent, honest and clear about who we are, what we do and how we do it. When we start working together, together we determine the goal and the path.


We focus on opportunities and possibilities, not limitations or circumstances. This positive approach translates into our behavior and actions. We do not linger in the past, but together we create the future.

Methods and techniques

From our scientific background, but also because we find it very important to deliver quality, we use proven techniques. Techniques that we support 100%. Methods which we know from experience that they actually match the questions in this field.
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Insight into
personal and other's drives