Human strength and employees performing in an optimal way.

In recent years a lot of attention has been paid to preventing and treating the negative consequences of work-related stress. We believe it is important to pay attention to curation, prevention and positive work-related interventions - amplition. With our personal guidance and job-specific support, employees can return to work (their own or other) in the long term. It also enables the employee to regain or strengthen a sense of flow and connection and to learn to take control in order to prevent relapse.

The following questions may play a role in this:

  • I am in danger of dropping out of my work (or I am already on sick leave); what steps can I take to structurally and sustainably get back to work and, above all, remain there?
  • How do I find a better balance emotionally and mentally?
  • How can I recognize non-helpful beliefs and what do I do with them?
  • What are my energy sources and energy leaks?
  • Who am I, and through which glasses am I looking at the world?
  • What are my energy sources and what is the added value of work happiness for me?
  • I want to develop my potential; how do I become (even) more successful?

We do this with the deployment of positive interventions. Click on the links below for a factsheet with more information or contact us for tailor-made advice.