What is coherence?

Coherence is our guideline for integral development and organization. It is an approach and a universal framework with which people and organizations can be visualized integrally and coherently. The framework is fractal, i.e. applicable at all levels. Whether it is about organizational issues, change issues, team development or individual development.

With various methods and tools for continuous improvement, effective change and fundamental renewal. But it is also a source of inspiration for those who want to work from a higher level of consciousness towards a sustainable future for mankind and the world.

Everything in Coherence is focused on the coherent connection between high goals and value creation for others. The natural coherence that then arises creates impact, gives fulfilment and brings balance. This balance makes it flow. As if you have the wind at your back again. The fuller, richer and more complete people and organisations become, the more they feel about what is good. Good for customers, employees, themselves and the world we all live in.

How does coherence work?

The organization of Coherence is formed by eleven fields. People and organizations, but also teams, projects and change processes can be ordered and understood in these eleven fields. All the fields are in a continuous dynamic with each other and thus form a coherent, systemic whole.


  • Abstract: ideal, striving, higher goals
  • Concrete: impact, reality, value creation
  • Form: upstream, business
  • Awareness: undercurrent, social
  • Lifeline: the essence
  • Triangle: the higher aim
  • Circle: dynamics in forces and capacities
  • Kite: how it works
  • Creation: from idea to realisation
  • Awareness: from reality to impulse


Coherence is about creating a self-reinforcing coherence. With a seemingly simple model you create order and space to map out complex situations or issues very clearly. At which level is the question relevant? And what does it mean for all other levels? You get a total overview of your company, your leadership and the interaction between them. It is intuitive and disarming, creates awareness and gives language, to then lead you automatically in the right direction. So that the desired financial results, feedback and satisfaction emerge that you are looking for.

This methodology was developed by House of Coherence.

Coherence's ideas and working methods are intended for people and organisations who want to continue to develop in the light of the changing times and who attach importance to integrality, integrity and impact. It offers a framework for creating coherence, for finding and rediscovering balance and for bringing back the human dimension and dignity in organisations.

And that is what is needed in these times. Not a one-sided view, but a metaperspective from which you can set course towards a sustainable future. For your customers, for yourself, for your employees and for the world we all live in.

The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Coherence is not comparable to management tools or models, usually fine ways to approach subfields. Coherence focuses on the bigger picture, it always takes the metaphorical perspective of 11 fields in the organisation into account. The big advantage of this is that issues are approached from various angles. Symptom control is avoided. The effect on other fields and the interaction of the fields on each other is brought out very clearly by this approach.

People experience the body of thought and the model as space-creating. It works in a powerful and orderly way and offers insight and overview.

The arrangement (the model) is also very intuitive, which makes it resonate with people right away. The creation and awareness path that emerges very strongly in it is completely natural.

The language is also very disarming. No difficult management language, jargon or interesting pomposity, but ordinary human language.

It helps us put our finger on how agile, resilient and valuable an organisation is. And whether that is thanks to or in spite of leadership.

Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us, we like to get acquainted and share knowledge. Online or preferably while walking as long as the situation requires, offline and also then like to walk as soon as the weather allows.